Want to be featured on Creator Collab House?

If you’re reading this, then you’re probably a solo creator who publishes articles, newsletters, podcasts, or videos. That’s awesome! We love featuring creators at the Creator Collab House!

To be considered for such a feature, follow the below instructions. The more closely you adhere to the instructions, the better chance you have of being featured.

  1. Send an email to creatorcollabhouse@gmail.com.

  2. Include a photo of yourself that’s at least 1,200 pixels wide.

  3. Answer the following questions (giving as much detail as possible)

    1. What’s the name and URL of your blog/newsletter/podcast/video channel?

    2. Can you give me a sense of how large your audience is? If you can be specific, that’s great. If you have to be a little vague (e.g. “my podcast gets tens of thousands of downloads per month”), that’s OK.

    3. What's the origin story of your blog/newsletters/podcast/video channel? How did you come up with the initial idea? How did you develop the format? When did you launch it? Did you have any special launch strategy?

    4. What have you found to be some of the most effective growth strategies for getting new subscribers? What were some of the major turning points where you suddenly experienced a lot of growth?

    5. Can you walk us through your workflow each week for creating new content? How much time do you put aside for content creation vs promotion? How much time does it take you to put together a new piece of content from start to finish?

    6. Can you walk us through the business model for your blog/newsletter/podcast/video channel? How does it directly and indirectly help your career? How did you develop the business model? What were some of the key lessons you learned when trying to monetize it?

    7. What are some recent articles/episodes/videos that you're particularly proud of (and why?)

    8. Who are some other creators in your space that you absolutely love? What is it about them that makes them so good?